Dress formal leather shoes for men

Dress formal leather shoes for men

Dress Formal Leather ShoesDress formal leather shoes are one of those essential items that give a strong base for your wardrobe. So for you guys to pick-up your correct shoes, here is the list of 5 dress formal leather shoes every guy needs in his closet.

Essential formal leather shoes-

Black leather shoes- Simple black leather shoes are the cleanest shoe you can buy. Since it does not have any fancy design, it is so easy to pair with almost every color suit, sports jacket or formal tuxedo. These are the essentials of essential Dress Formal Leather Shoesand worth the money, so definitely start your list with these leather shoes.

Monk strap shoes- Single and double monk straps are the great shoes. In terms of going with formal outfits and with a smart casual look as well. These are the perfect formal leather shoes to make you stand out from the crowd if you pick the correct ones for yourself.Dress Formal Leather Shoes

Leather Brogues- These leather shoes are especially known as for its fancy design. However, If you are going to select these make sure to pick with minimal design & craft. Since it will draw people’s attention and you don’t have to go overboard. So choose those which suits your daily need.

Leather Chelsea boots- As you can notice in this image these black leather Chelsea boots have a very clean structure, not a single design, and craft on it. These you can also pick up and they will work with your casual and formal outfits if you have the confidence to pull them off.Dress Formal Leather Shoes

Wholecut leather shoes- Just like the black formal shoes. These shoes have a similar design but the basic difference between both of them is that whole cut shoes usually, have a single stitch. That means that are made with one piece of leather, have a more clear look than simple black ones. Which makes it more classic & throws out a mature vibe.

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