Formal Wear For Men’s/essential for beginners

Formal wear for men’s 

so guys!!

It is the first blog on formal wear for men’s where you gonna understand the basics and classic you need to pick up to start a formal collection in your wardrobe so without wasting time let’s start with the basic and classic-

A White dress shirt & Trousers-formal wear for men's

  • as you guys know and I have mentioned in my previous blogs every guy needs a white dress shirt because it is so easy to pair it  with casual and formal outfits and does not require much thinking to pull off, what you need to do is that every white shirt or any shirt you pick up should be tailored and fit you like a glove so it could enhance your muscles & you look impressive.
  • black trousers are a solid pair which goes on different occasions like your white shirt it’s also one of those wild pieces that you can pair with anything and look good but again be careful with the fit of the trousers, as you guys can see in the image fit is the key to look handsome.formal wear for men's



Leather Shoes & Belts-formal wear for men's

  •   If you are a fashion lover and a stylish GURU you might know what I gonna be talking about your first pair of leather shoes should be black in color because of its versatility in the closet and also it is essential in men’s formal wear at the same edge the belt you gonna be wearing should be in the range of 1.25 inches, remember its a formal wear and you have to create it as simple as possible to make it look more classic.
  • If you already have a pair of black shoes and a black belt and you want to invest in other leather formal shoes like brogues or monk straps you should definitely but make sure the color of your shoes should exact same as the color of your belt so that you don’t look like a slob who doesn’t care about his style.

Those are the most basic and important fashion guides to cover in this series thanks so much for reading and if you like it don’t forget to subscribe to my website and follow me on  Facebook & Twitter. 

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