Teen style tips look attractive than your friends

Teen Style tips look attractive than your friendsteen style tips

So guys!

I get it most of you guys are teen and you want to step apart from that sloppy crowd you are into and want to learn some style hacks & tricks that your friends don’t even know, so for today I ‘m gonna give you some teen style tips easy to apply also don’t break your bank let’s start it with-

  • Street style or formal casual –

Because you are a teen you may sometime think what style I should go for or what style or trend I follow and buy things related to that particular style, the easy answer to all these questions is that whenever you go out for shopping just try to think that is that particular piece of cloth can I wear it in multiple variations formal or street style instead you can merge both of those clothing items in this way you can easily match formal with street and here’s you will develop your own sense of style & learn how to mix-match clothing items. teen style tips

  • Facial hair-

Since you are a teen and just countered with uneven facial hair and confused you should grow them or not?? a simple trick if they are growing only from the downside of your cheek is better to shave or easily cut and if they are completely on your cheek groomed them but don’t leave them as it is, it does not look sexy in terms of looks.  teen style tips

  • Wearing an accessory-

Go out and take a look at how many of your friends wear a watch and if not guess what you have an amazing opportunity to look more mature among your friends because we know teens don’t wear it unless they go out for  any occasion so if you do and made it a signature piece for yourself you are already so far and leaving them behind in terms of style.

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